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Friday, March 21, 2003

Super!Harry, on the H/G continent, has evolved under the influence of the "bigger is better" misconception into a monstrosity. Some characters are big enough (not the best word here, I suspect) to nonchalantly pull off remaining an identifiable-with human while running around with a command headset, the Order of Merit and the Auditor's chain. Others would either be crushed by the weight or become non human, an unsuitable character for the main hero's role. By increasing the hero's firepower and inventing a new boss-creature for the grand finale, one does not create a novel but rather a video game, and even a video game is quickly ruined by cheat codes. The challenges the hero faces are supposed to be about life - inner struggles, not the props meant to attract the younger audience's attention. It feels as if less experienced authors (I mean as people, not as writers) don't see far beyond the toys. A book is about people and not their things, people with their faults and weaknesses and not Gods. Even RPG is supposed to teach you about life, not about building castles in the clouds. And if that is the lesson the author is trying to learn, why inflict it on other people? The internet is indeed a mixed blessing. P.S. There is a rabid plot bunny that should demonstrate my point, but I'm very afraid of setting it loose.

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