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Thursday, March 15, 2007


At the end of January I've seen a post by (as I later found out) the person who wrote's fiction handling system about FA needing techies.
An an aside, nowadays, I mostly get my fanfic fix at and, both of which mostly feature Harry Potter fan fiction by men, for men (read: boys). It basically means (and here I accentuate, not exaggerate) the Jane Austen references are replaced by sex and violence, sometime together (I skip those). I find it suits me better than SQ, though I'd read stuff from SQ if someone would recommend a specific story.
Anyway, I thought it would be cool to lend a hand, me being a fan and a techie. Also, I've never worked on a large site before, I could stand to learn a few things. So I've signed up and now I'm there, learning. I won't be posting about anything I do for FA on the blog, as they consider everything going on as "confidential", but if someone wonders why her new chapter isn't up yet, it's probably because I screwed up, so feel free to complain. That reminds me, I still have no idea how complaint mail is handled …

Edit: typo.

The Americanification of Harry Potter

How do you know when fan fic is going to be about Harry going to the states and discovering how the USA is cooler than Britain? Well, the sentence "the things Harry missed most about the muggle world when he was away at the Burrow or Hogwarts were Coke and pizza." is a good clue.

I don't mind people being patriotic, but turning a very British boarding school story to "adventures of a frat boy" leads me to suspect someone has seen one too many teen flicks.

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