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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Geeks/Girls - VM rootkits

For those who don't follow security developments - a new technology in mainstream CPUs called VT allows hardware assisted virtualization, meaning an operating system (like Microsofttm Windowstm) can run inside another operating system and never know it's not actually running on the bare metal. Thus the outside operating system has total control of the inside operating system, and cannot be detected. This allows viruses that completely own your computer and it can never tell. Very bad.
Anyway, there was an interview with a security researcher about this hot topic. The interview got slashdotted, a technical debate ensued. This comment made me laugh so hard, because it's true.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Depression 22

So. Am I laughing or am I crying? I don't rightly know. As a wise acquaintance once said: "life sucks and then you die". Well, he has a job and girlfriend while I have parents I need to support. Is this a cry for help? I think it's just a cry. Happy Birthday to me…

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