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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year

I have received a pay slip for New Year's. It shows I've paid more income tax than my brutto salary in the IDF.

The codebase I'm working on is completely undocumented and has gone through enough iterations in a hurry that its original design is nowhere to be seen. I am supposed to figure a lot of stuff on my own and I'm not doing it fast enough. It is discouraging.

The elephant in the china shop is "equity" - the party line is everyone is equal and the same amount of effort is expected from everyone, but if things go well some will become very rich and the rest are just employees.

The CTO is not easy to get a long with - people agree that he's living in a dream world.

Microsoft XML serialization is a piece of shit.

Really need to think about that personal mobility solution.

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