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Thursday, September 06, 2007


I'm a civilian now. Not even a reservist. Most of the trouble was getting rid of my cellphone - they wanted me to schedule an appointment to return the damn thing next week, when I had to do it today to get discharged. Eventually they agreed to accept it back but not in Tel-Aviv because there are lines. ::rollseyes::

Other than that it was very painless and rather efficient, considering the inefficiency of conscripted labor in a government-run organization.

Time to send those c.v.s. I haven't written yet.

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Anonymous said...

Well then I need your new number...
And if you have some free time you gotta visit.

Come on! It's walking distance!
And you've got 2 books of mine too, unless I've lost track.

Good luck with finding a job! What are you looking for anyway?

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